Our Story

Dirks-Blem Funeral Service history dates back to 1913 when it was established in Olivia in the days of horse drawn hearses. Later the Smith Funeral Homes of Renville and Sacred Heart and Glesener Funeral Home of Bird Island were purchased by Dirks-Blem. We are also the managers of the K-M Funeral Home in Lake Lillian.

Like all businesses there have been many changes over the years, some large and some small. In the early 1900's most visitations and even funerals were held at the family homes. Our old records tell us some interesting stories how a number of homes didn't have large enough doorways to bring the casket in so neighbors would remove a large window to gain entry. Eventually, many towns had a dedicated funeral home and the State and Federal Public Health rules governing operation came into effect. Interestingly, for a long period of history most family members lived within an hour of their home place and therefore funerals were often within 3-4 days after a death, typically being buried in a casket in the family cemetery. Of course information was spread by word of mouth or telephone or a newspaper article and visitations lasted late into the evening to accommodate the many farmers with evening chores. Fast forward to the last 20 years and families now may choose to have a traditional funeral, a rental casket service followed by cremation, a memorial service with an urn present, or even a simple graveside service. Yes, change is inevitable and how funerals will be arranged in future years will most certainly adapt to society's needs.

However, even with all the changes throughout the years there is one major item that has not and will never change, grief. Grief is for real, grief takes many avenues, and most importantly grief is an individual journey. Many volumes are written on topics similar to  "If you have ever loved you will eventually encounter grief". Therefore it is our belief at Dirks-Blem Funeral Service that planning a proper funeral which allows others to come and support you and your family is a very needed first step on your grief journey. Share the moment, tell the story, make a lasting memory.

 Thank you for allowing us to be your funeral home.... whether you have a death in the family, need assistance on pre-planning a funeral, desire cemetery information, wish to purchase a grave marker, or have any funeral related questions we are just a call away.

---Gordy, Dave, Derek & Belle